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Stimp-meter Distance

A Stimp-meter is a device used to measure the speed of a putting green. The Stimp-meter distance, or Stimp-meter reading, is the distance in feet that a golf ball rolls when launched from a Stimp-meter on a flat surface. It is an indicator of the speed of the green and can be used to compare the speed of greens between different golf courses or between different greens on the same course. When using a Stimp-meter, a golfer places the device on a flat surface and releases a golf ball from the end of the Stimp-meter. The ball rolls down a ramp and onto the putting green, where it continues to roll until it comes to a stop. The distance the ball travels is then measured, and this distance is the Stimp-meter distance.


The further the ball rolls, the faster the green. It is important to note that the Stimp-meter distance can vary depending on the type of grass and the weather conditions, so it is not a definitive measure of green speed. Additionally, it can be affected by the maintenance of the green and how it has been mowed, rolled and brushed. The Stimp-meter distance is used by golfers to help them select the right putting stroke and adjust their putting technique to suit the speed of the green. Additionally, it is used by course superintendents to monitor the speed of their greens and make sure they're maintaining them to the desired standard. Its function is shown in the video.